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How to choose the right event app

There's a huge choice of apps out there, but how do you know which one is right for your event? We've picked a handful of the best ones and looked at what they do and how well they do it.


  • Presdo Match

Price: Free

Top functions: Built-in networking, company directory and profiles, interactive maps, activity planner and live surveys and polls.

USPs: Presdo Match can easily be used for in-app networking, to send something to the event's interactive live feed or even to find the right seminar using the ...Read More

The benefits of cost-effective, off-site meetings

Why hold meetings off-site?

With all the time and financial pressures managers find themselves under, justifying an off-site meeting isn't always easy. But it's worth taking a step back and assessing its true value. Plus, if you find yourself an affordable venue, it doesn't even need to make a big dent in your budget.


With a meeting in your own company offices, your attendees will have 101 things back at their desks they need to be getting on with that will be playing on their mind. Taking your team into a completely different setting will give ...Read More

Case Study: BCOM Awards Ceremony 2016

We host hundreds of events every year at Park Crescent Conference Centre (PCCC). Our clients range from charities and healthcare departments to large corporations and industry associations. Unsurprisingly, the events themselves are as varied as the organisations putting them on, and often we're asked to host a range of different types of event throughout the day.

Luckily, PCCC has lots of different types of spaces, a catering team that prides itself on itself on its flexibility and an in-house Events Team that can turn its hands to anything from a breakfast meeting or awards do to a drinks party or a night of live entertainment. ...Read More