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Where do our Mission and Values come from

Here at Park Crescent Conference Centre we're proud of many things, but coming in at the top of that list has to be our relationship with our parent charity - and home - International Students House. Lots of our clients know that this is the name of the building in which PCCC is based, but they know little or nothing about who and what ISH is. Let us enlighten you…


The idea

International Students House was founded with the aim of building up a network of British and International students. The idea was that by housing ...Read More


Holding an off-site meeting brings with it a wide range of benefits. Focussed attendees, a change of scenery for your team and the promise of great food and drink to name but a few. But it might also mean allocating budget that is being pulled in several difference directions. At Park Crescent Conference Centre, we understand the pressures on your purse strings, which is why we try to keep our prices as low as possible and regularly run offers and discounts.


New client discount

Park Crescent Conference Centre is located within International Student House (ISH), a charity ...Read More

How to brand your event

Branding your event - whether you're organising a conference, meeting, seminar or lecture - should be part of your marketing strategy from the off. That's not to say it needs to be part of everything you do, far from it. In fact, the last thing you want to do it push your branding message at every turn. Your approach needs to be subtle and sophisticated - yet impossible to ignore.



Telling you guests where to go is undeniably helpful. It helps make people feel at ease and welcome in a new environment, and one of ...Read More